HOTDOG of the WEEK: Willie Revillame

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Always The Poor During Election Time

GRRRR! My askal turns into a chihuahua whenever it's angry. Every election time, politicians vying for any seat in the government is always talking about poverty and the poor. OMG sabi nga ng pamangkin kong bulinggit. That's the reason why the country is poor. Everyone has a poverty mindset ha-ha! What about us middle class?! Huh?! We pay the taxes regularly because of our legitimate jobs. OFW rin ang oras namin kasi we stay out of the house for more than 10 hours because of the traffic kasi may rally sa streets. By the time we reach our families, we are even tired to talk to them. We consume the products and services that contribute to the OK economy. We always have cash out for bills. The squatters even have air conditioning and they are not paying for any amilyar, electricity bill or cable subscription! We end up paying for Meralco's so-called costs for maintenance of damaged electric cables and other chu-chu! Chihuahuang*#@ presidentiables talaga 'tong mga 'to! Where is the middle class in their advertising campaigns?



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